The Gift: 30 Day Keepsake & Memory Journal to Connect with Loved Ones Now

The Gift: 30 Day Keepsake & Memory Journal to Connect with Loved Ones Now

Do you want to connect with a parent, grandparent, friend or partner, but you are not sure where to start? Are you the family historian? Do you like knowing your loved ones beyond the surface? Have you ever lost someone close to you and wished you had more time to get to know them better? If so, this 30 day guided, keepsake journal is here to assist! The 6x9 paperback is complete with questions to ask your loved one and prompted pages to guide your journaling experience. Each question has two full pages for you to notate your answers and reflections. Additionally, you have space to ask three questions of your own and space to journal the responses. The Gift Journal encourages you to spend precious time with your loved one of choice to learn some simple but intimate facts about them. It's both a gift and an honor to have someone share their personal experiences of trials and triumph. Buy two, one for you and a loved one, to engage in the process together or buy several for your family to start at the next family reunion! Keep this journal forever and pass it down to younger generations. The Gift Journal is a gift to yourself that you do not know you need, but you will be grateful for the experience it creates for you and your loved ones.

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